Ocean thermal energy conversion

Cayman OTEC International Ltd (Cayman OTEC) is a privately financed developer of ocean-based heat transfer technology for electricity generation. The Cayman Islands has ideal water temperatures and environment for the OTEC technology.

Small floating power plants (FPPs) have been designed to be moored offshore, each capable of producing 6.25MW. This allows for controlled, clean and sustainable energy generation, while limiting the visual and environmental impact on the local environment.

The positive outputs for this type of energy generation are:

Costs Reduced

Power generated with local resources allows predictable long-term rates.

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No Fuel Costs

There is no fossil fuel or fuel transport costs.

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Wholesale Energy

Wholesale energy is linked directly to the local electricity grid.

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Cost-Competitive Energy

Efficient technology makes this a stable cost-competitive energy option.

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Minimal Environmental Risks

The environmental risks in using this type of energy generation are minimal.

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No Carbon Emissions

There are no carbon emissions, promoting the reduction of carbon emissions in Cayman.

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Ideal temperature, ocean depth, and technology conditions, as a well as a supportive local, political and economic community, has made Grand Cayman an optimal location for Cayman OTEC to invest in developing a sustainable renewable floating power plant.

The project is ground-breaking within the Caribbean region, and the Cayman Islands have the opportunity to pioneer this innovative technology to finding a long-term sustainable energy solution.

The Facts

OTEC International LLC (OTI) was established by the non-profit Abell Foundation in 2001.
Kilowatts of wholesale electric power to CUC within the first year of operation
Kilowatts after 5 years
Gallons of diesel fuel burning avoided

The science behind OTEC

Heat from the sun warms the ocean, providing thermal energy. In the tropics, water temperatures naturally vary between deep and shallow water and this thermal gradient can be harnessed to produce energy. This process is called Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC).

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